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My book “Driven” is here! I want to invite you all to pick up your copy and read my journey from the age of 13 when I had nothing more than a vision and determination to own a car, this one car in particular. I have found a pattern of thinking that has worked for me and I know it will work for you. When you read my story and understand the obstacles that I faced you will find they are the same ones that we all face from time to time and how we always either quit on our dreams or goals or find this amazing power from within to create the results we want.

I found a lot of ways that worked for me and even more that didn’t, but my determination always won in the end. I want everyone to know that I believe in you, and yes I know I might not even know who you are or where you come from. That doesn’t matter, you all have greatness bottled up inside of you, Your conscience mind is where your actions come from, the dreams and goals that you have as well as many of the day to day new actions you make, your sub conscience mind however is where the programming is stored. If you have been exposed to negative people or sayings, or have been told you will never, or shouldn’t try to start your own business or to do anything different from what you grew up with. My book will be a soft understanding of how the mind works in my own example, the way it happen for me. Once you understand where your limiting beliefs come from you will be able to change them and your life will never be the same.

Driven will allow you to experience my way of thinking and what and how I changed my mind to create multiple 7 figure companies and how I plan on creating more and exciting ways to learn in the future. 




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Duane Cotton
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