skilled trades gap

The Skilled Trades Gap is at an all time low in the country!  

I know a plumber who has 8 trucks, a nice RV, $500k house paid for, put his 3 kids through college with cash, has a house in Outer Banks on the beach.  

The attitude that if you don’t go to college then you will be a failure is FALSE!  Some of the smartest and successful people I know are tradesmen…skilled tradesmen.  






If you are in high school and you are looking for something to do, learn a trade and stay clean.  Be professional, clean cut, good driving record, no criminal record.  If you do this, you will be able to write your own paycheck.  When you cap out at whatever industry you are in, if you are mentally prepared and ready you will be able to own your own business.  

It is not too late to change your career path but it will require you to be a hard worker.  You might be working in a pretty nasty conditions but most days are easy and you can make a lot of money.  


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Duane Cotton
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