Working on your Birthday, with the Extreme crew

It seems just like yesterday that myself, my build team and thousands of volunteers were doing the impossible. We were in the middle of building a 4300 square foot dream home for a local family here in Virginia beach, this was my second build with ABC and the entire Extreme Makeover crew, this time right [...]

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The most important thing in life is time.

You might think the title of this blog should read "The most important thing in life is your kids" And that is what you would expect someone to say, However: If you can control the clock in life by not dealing with petty little issues, learn to delegate what you can and then deal with [...]

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New Podcast that will help any business owner in 2016

The time is almost here! I have been planning this new Podcast idea for just a little over 2 years now and I am excited it is almost here. This podcast will be different then most, it will not be the very predictable style substance that is being broadcast today. I will have guest on [...]

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My Extreme experience.

As a builder for ABC'S hit TV show Extreme makeover home edition I learned how to make what seemed to be impossible, and make it happen. I learned a entirely new meaning to "team work" and courage, along with having faith others. In 2010 helped as a co-builder in pine mountain Georgia on my first [...]