Duane and Becky Cotton

We are building a online network that will be committed to helping small businesses grow and succeed in this every changing world of mass media, and technology. I will host 2 podcast starting on 1-1-16, one on real estate investing, from a builders perspective. The second will be one of the only that specializes in service based businesses. The HVAC, electrical and plumbing trades will headline this awesome pod cast, however it will be very helpful with any company that offers service directly to a clients home or office. How to build a 7 figure company from your back yard.

In 2000 I started my home based HVAC company which grew into a million dollar business in just a few years, what I learned can help a new or seasoned company grow into a power house, one that can dominate their industry. We are very excited to start off the new year with this awesome online network that will grow from pod casting to TV shows in the very near future.

Stay tuned………..

Duane Cotton

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Duane Cotton
Master Builder at Build America Construction